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Spill Response

Spill Response – Speciality Items

A range of speciality spill response products for dealing with a variety of liquid spills including mercury, acid and body fluids.

Mercury Amalgamation Powder

  • A spill response powder, developed to make cleaning mercury spills from work surfaces, floor cracks and other hard to reach areas safer and easier.
  • Converts elemental mercury into an amalgam, which stops dangerous mercury vapours from being emitted.
Economy SpillPak (Item # NPS-521000)
Amalgamation Powder 1 kg
Spill Response

Small Mercury SpillPak

  • Designed to assist only in the clean-up of the mercury spill itself, not to completely clean up the contaminated area.
  • For one time use only.

Spill Response

Small Mercury SpilPak (Item # NPS-520260)
Amalgamation Powder 500 g
Chemical Sponge x 2
Jar x 1

Large Mercury SpillPak

  • A spill response pack, designed to handle all stages of cleaning up mercury spills.
  • This kit does not contain any chemicals designed to make the mercury less toxic or less dangerous.
  • For one time use only.

Spill Response

Large Mercury SpillPak (Item # NPS-520250)
Amalgamation Powder 270 g
Indication Powder 250 g
Vapour Supressor / Shaker Bottle x 1
Aspirator Bottle x 1
Waste Collection Bottle x 1
Mixing Tub with Spatula x 1
Chemical Sponge x 1
Nitrile Gloves x 1
Disposal Bag & Twist Tie x 1
Wisk on Pan x 1

Kolor-Lock® Neutralizers & Solidifiers

  • One step spill response process for rapid containment and isolation of acid spills while reducing the hazard.
  • Neutralizes and solidifies the spill for convenient disposal.
Spill Response
Kolor-Lock Neutralizers & Solidifiers (Item # NPS - 442201) UNIT
“B” 2# Shaker Bottle for acids with a concentration greater than 40% 10 /Case

Vapour Supressor Spill Response Kit

Designed to handle small scale leaks and spills from containers, drums, tanks, etc that contain flammable liquids, pesticides and herbicides.

Vapour Supressor Spill Kit (Item # NPS - 460088)
Vapour Suppressor Shaker Bottle x 1
Hazmat Pads (30 x 30 cm) x 10
Scoop with Detachable Scraper x 1
Nitrile Gloves x 1 pr
Poly Apron x 1
Splash Goggles x 1
Disposal Bag & Twist Tie x 1
Spill Response

Chemical & Wastewater Spill Response Kit

  • Assists in identifying unknown spills both indoors and outdoors.
  • Strips quickly indicate the possible presence of a variety of chemicals in unknown liquids utilizing an easy to follow colour classifier chart.
  • Ideal for personnel who respond to unknown liquid spills on a regular basis.
Chemical & Wastewater Kit (Item # NPS - 570001)
Chemical Classifier Strips x 6
Bobbin of Polypropylene Thread x 1
Laminated Chemical Classifier Chart x 1
Spill Response

MEDICLEAN Biohazard Solidifier

  • Quickly and safely eliminates the biohazard associated with bodily fluids.
  • Solidifies for convenient disposal.
Spill Response
NPS-8680032 2 lb Shaker Container 1 /Case
NPS-680011 5 Oz Shaker Container 24 /Case

MEDICLEAN Biohazard Solidifier Spill Response Kit

  • Designed in accordance with OSHA standards for protecting employees against exposure to blood borne pathogens.
  • Ideal for work environments where employees may be exposed to blood, bodily fluids or other infectious fluids. Solidifies for convenient disposal.
MEDICLEAN Biohazard Solidifer Kit (Item # NPS - 680091)
Chemical Classifier Strips x 6
Bobbin of Polypropylene Thread x 1
Laminated Chemical Classifier Chart x 1
Quick Carry/Wall Mount Container x 1
MEDICLEAN Biohazard Solidifier x 1
Protective Gloves x 1 pr.
Disposable Gown x 1
Medical Face Shield x 1
Antiseptic Wipes x 2
Scoop with Detachable Scraper x 1
Biohazard Disposal Bag x 1
Blue Surgical Mask x 1
Spill Response

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