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Liquid Storage & Transport

Flexidams / Buoy Walls

A range of portable storage tanks for all types of liquids including oil, potable water and industrial wastes. Available in either PVC, XR5 (chemical and UV resistant), or puncture resistant nylon-reinforced polyurethane. Flexidams are self erecting and easy to transport and clean Capacities range from 1,200 litres to 25,000 litres. Optional accessories include ground sheet / carry bag, top cover, skin fittings (38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm), ball valves (38 mm, 50 mm, 75 mm) and hose holder (inside rim of tank), camlock couplings, bridging frame and hold down webs and ground pegs.

Construction materials include:

  • Polyester Reinforced PVC 890 g/m2
  • Food Grade PVC/PUR 930g/m2
  • Polyurethane Coated Nylon 1220g/m2
  • Chemically Resistant XR5 1020g/m2
  • Water
  • Potable Water
  • Recovered Oil
  • Industrial Waste

75700 1,200 1,600 850 1,000
75701 2,200 2,300 900 1,125
75702 5,000 2,900 1,150 1,400
75703 10,000 4,000 1,400 2,100
75704 15,000 5,200 1,300 2,900
75705 25,000 5,400 1,300 3,400


The Helo –Tank is a collapsible tank designed primarily to be slung beneath helicopters to cart water or fuel to remote or inaccessible locations. The specifically designed pod shape of the tank enables stable flight when full or partially full.


  • Easy to fill, no assembly required.
  • Stable in-flight.· Folds to a fraction of fill size for storage
  • Stable on the ground.
  • Heavy Duty for in the field handling.
  • Self-adjusting shape for partial filling
  • Transportable by land based transport.


Fabric Pod: Shaping of panels ensures the tank forms an aerodynamic pod shape for in-flight stability. Materials used to manufacture the fabric pod vary according to the proposed use. Details are as follows:

  • Potable Water: Manufactured from multiple layers of US Military Spec Fabric. This tank is highly robust and suitable for the containment and transport of drinking water.
  • Fire Fighting: Manufactured from heavy duty PVC with a dual layer base this tank is suited for the delivery of salt, fresh or retardant treated water to ground personnel.
  • Fuel: Manufactured from two layers of heavy duty 32 Oz US Military Spec Fabric, this tank is highly robust and suitable for the containment and transport of hydrocarbons.

Lifting Harness: A 9-piece load certified heavy-duty web sling system radiates from the base of the pod passing through alignment lugs terminating at a single lifting ring. This webbing sling system is designed to cradle the pod without point loading the fabric. When on the ground or vehicle deck the slings double as guy ropes to stabilise the tank. Different level attachment rings enables the tank to be stabilised at various full levels. Note each sling component can be individually replaced.

Pendulum Set: The Helo-Tank is designed for suspended below the helicopter by a typical cargo pendulum set.

Self-Adjusting Shape: When partially full the Helo-Tank self-adjusting design gathers the excess fabric to maintain a pod shape. This provides a stable shape for flight at all times and enables the partial offloading to multiple sites.

Fittings: The Helo –Tank is fitted with one 2” / 50mm base fitting with brass gate valve for both fill and discharge. A pressure relief valve is fitted to the top of the tank to vent any air and prevent accidental over filling or condensation.

Optional Extras

Gas/Watertight Zip: A gas/watertight zip can be fitted into the side of the Helo-Tank to provide internal access for decontamination.

Static Cable: 1 inch lay flat Stainless Steel flexible cable fitted to the webbing harness to provide a link from lifting ring to below the Helo-Tank for the discharge of static build-up.

HT300 300 1.0 0.5 20
HT750 750 1.4 0.75 23
HT1000 1,000 1.4 0.75 25
HT1900 1,900 1.75 1.3 36

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