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Liquid Handling

Flexible Bunding

Flexi-bund is for use in industrial areas where spills and wash-down liquids are required to be contained within a specified area. It is an efficient, safe and effective environmental pollution control product suitable for a wide range of uses. Flexi-Bund is designed to create a 50 mm high barrier across doorways or storage areas where forklifts or trolleys have to cross continuously. The product is particularly popular in the Automotive Industry.

  • Cost-effective
  • Easily installed
  • Water proof
  • Impervious
  • High visibility yellow
  • Ideal for pollution prevention
  • Easy to relocate
  • Install in continuous lengths

Specifications Flexi-Bund Installation Kit
Item # 75057 75058
Description 42 mm high, 100 mm wide Sikaflex Adhesive

2, 4, 6 & 8 Drum Workstations

Workstations are designed to prevent incidental spills from reaching the factory floor. One piece construction optimises space, durability, safety and efficiency. With ample sump capacity in each workstation this secondary containment product is perfect for a dispensing station or work centre. Each workstation is designed for stand alone use or combines with other workstations via a link-lock system for a customised work area. Rolled-edge design helps resist cracking and warpage. An optional ramp combined with the low profile design also means that the Workstations are easy to load.

  • Tough polyethylene construction –rust and corrosion resistent
  • Low-profile Workstations actually become part of your factory floor, optimising space for increased safety and efficiency. Make drum loading a snap;
  • Large sump capacity catches incidental spills;
  • Multi-purpose Work Ramp hooks onto any Workstation for easy loading; and
  • Heavy-duty removable structural foam grates for easy cleaning.

2 Drum Workstation

4 Drum Workstation

6 Drum Workstation

8 Drum Workstation

Item # 75011 75010 75009 75008
Dimensions 135 x72 x 15 cm 133 x 135 x 15 cm 194 x 135 x 15 cm 254 x 135 x 15 cm
Weight 18 kg 32.85 kg 47 kg 62.55 kg
Load Bearing Capacity 1,080 kg 2,700 kg 3,150 kg 3,600
Sump Capacity
83.6 litres
163.4 litres 231.8 litres
292.6 litres

Low-Profile In-Line Poly-SpillPalletTM 3000

You will be surprised how much new space you will be able to find around the floor when you start storing drums on our In-Line Poly-Spillpallet 3000. Start storing them in-line near the wall, between columns and in all those spaces you thought were unusable – until now. Its just another innovative way to help you manage the hazardous materials.

Poly-Slim-LineTM 6000

Poly-Slim-Line 6000 offers all of the same advantages as our Poly-SpillPallet 6000….and more. This addition to our pallet family features a 25 cm profile and a UDL load bearing capacity of 2,700 kg.

Item # 75018 75014
Dimensions 249 x 64 x 30 cm 137 x 137 x 30 cm
Weight 36 kg 41 kg
Load Bearing Capacity 1,350 kg 2,700 kg
Sump Capacity
250.8 litres
250.8 litres

The New Range of SPC Spill Pallets

Spill Pallets provide a safe and convenient method of handling 205L drums as well as other storage containers. The spill pallets capture spilt liquids before they can contaminate work floors or the environment. This saves on clean up costs as well providing a method to reclaim the lost liquids. The SPC range of spill pallets are also strong enough that they can be moved fully laden with drums.


  • The pallets are injection moulded rather than rotationally moulded; this ensures a consistent wall thickness with increased strength and rigidity.
  • Both the 4 and 2 drum spill pallets are the same height – allowing multiple configurations
  • Grates are interchangeable between the 4 and 2 drum.
  • EPA Compliant.
  • Ramp is suitable for both sizes.
  • Both the 2 and 4 drum units are nest-able.
  • The lip and grate are the same height, allowing drums to be easily moved from one pallet to another.
  • Locating pins ensure the sides won’t buckle.

Item Description Capacity Load Capacity Dimensions Weight
SPC-SCODP4 4 Drum Spill Pallet 488L 2000kg 132 x 132 x 43cm 40kg
SPC-SCODP2 2 Drum Spill Pallet 260L 1000kg 132 x 66 x 43cm 21kg
SPC-SCOPR Ramp 295kg 165 x 76 x 55cm
SPC-SCODK Sump Connector Kit N/A N/A N/A N/A

IBC 2000i TM
Intermediate bulk containment made easy

ENPAC Coporation's new integrated IBC 2000i gives intermediate bulk container users more versatile spill containment. It fits more than 99% of all IBC dispensing units and features a large sump capacity of 385 gallons, exceeding EPA 40 CFR 264.175 regulations. The unit also comes with an integrated 5-gallon pail holder for quick and easy dispensing.

The IBC 200i is the only one-piece, lichtweight, 100% polyethylene IBC spill containment unit that is forkliftable and nestable for convenient shipment and storage, and reduces shipping costs. The polyethylene construction will not rust or corrode ot have adverse reactions with chemicals. An optional drain is available.

Product No. Exterior Dimensions Pedestal Demensions Weight Sump Max. Load Rating Regulations
5469-YE, 5469 YE-D w/drain 72" | x 80" w x 29" h
182.88cm x 203.20cm x 73.66cm
55" | x 55.5" w x 29" h
139.70cm x 140.97cm x 73.66cm
308 lbs / 678kg 385 gal. / 1457.45 liters 8,000 lbs. UDl EPA 40 CFR 264.175

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