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For distributors of Mycelx in other States please contact Environmental Waste Services

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Geofabric Floatation

Geosynthetic SOLUTIONS

Geosynthetic SOLUTIONS has been established to provide engineers and contractors with innovative and individual solutions designed to overcome many of the environmental problems faced on projects both large and small.

Geosynthetic SOLUTIONS takes your problem or design and using the latest in computer modelling design and fabrication techniques can provide you with a solution delivered right o your site.

Amongst the solutions designed and manufactured by Geosynthetic SOLUTIONS are:

  • Floatation curtains for both marine and river applications.
  • Erosion control and silt retaining structures.
  • Hydraulic filled geosynthetic groynes.
  • Sump protection booms.
  • Shoreline protection barriers.
Geosynthetic SOLUTIONS have the right skills and expertise to assist you with any of your special requirements.

For Further Information Contact PPI Services on 0249502023
or email us sales@ppiservices.com.au