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Water Pollution Control Facilities Design

Oil And Solids Separation

PPI Services are the New South Wales and Queensland distributors for the American designed Velcon™ range of Coalescing Plates for oil and solids removal. This system is generally accepted internationally as being the most advanced and efficient method of separating immiscible phases – having differing specific gravities (such as oil and water, solids and water, or both). The superior performance and lower maintenance costs provided by the patented Velcon™ plate packs ensures that even the most stringent discharge requirement can be achieved – guaranteed. This guarantee is also backed by Velcon’s™ Australian Licensee – Baldwin Industrial Systems.

The separator systems that we supply are custom designed to suit the individual needs for any specific application, regardless of scale. Our computer calculation program, developed by Velcon™ Coalescing Plates, allows PPI to accurately predict the performance of system during the design phase, thereby ensuring compliance with local authority and EPA requirements. This computer calculation process is derived from fundamental Laws of Chemistry and Physics, and forms the basis of the system guarantee.

For more information about waste water pollution control systems please contact us at PPI.

Water Polishing – Mycelx™

Recently PPI Services have obtained the NSW distribution rights to an innovate and new technology developed in the United States that allows hydrocarbon of many types to be removed from water.

Mycelx™ Product Description

Mycelx Filtration Systems are a range of products designed to remove hydrocarbons ranging from BTEX (Benzene, Toluene, Ethyl xylene, Xylene) to crude oil, chlorinated solvents, PCB’s (Polychlorinated biphenyl’s), organic solvents, and organically bound metals from waste water with a single pass.

Mycelx is a patented polymeric surfactant technology that is used to infuse all Mycelx Technologies products. Infused products range from pads to filtration cartridges.

After years of research MYCELX Technologies has developed and patented chemistry that will instantly render oils hydrophobic and viscoelastic. Oil will instantly bond to any substrate treated with the Mycelx chemistry, thereby preventing sinking, emulsification, weathering, sheen and tarball formation. The patented processing technology enables application of the chemistry to a variety of natural or synthetic materials, which are therefore able to make application specific substrate selections in order to respond to the specific requirements of a range of remediation scenarios.

Common applications of Mycelx technologies and products include:

  • Manhole effluent
  • Tank farms and terminals
  • Loading rack runoff water
  • Bilge / ballast water
  • Post OWS polishing
  • Compressor condensate
  • Pre and post reverse osmosis, ultrafiltration and ion exchange
  • Ground water remediation
  • Removal of tramp oils from machining fluids and coolants
  • Cooling towers and heat exchangers
  • Boiler blowdown
  • Platform runoff
  • Plating baths
  • Parts washing
  • Storm water treatment
  • Rinse water treatment

Use of MYCELX products will allow customers to maximize response effectiveness to environmental threats, while drastically reducing material usage, water drag-out, waste generation and ultimately, environmental damage.

For more information about waste water pollution control systems please contact us at PPI.

Chemical Treatment and Dissolved Air Floatation Systems

In addition to the use of enhanced gravity separation systems, PPI Services also offer a range of chemical treatment systems for treating a wide range of waste waters. These systems incorporate technologies such as Dissolved Air Floatation (DAF), as well as range of Reactive Separating Agents.

Water treatment using Dissolved Air Floatation systems is widely accepted as an effective means of liquid/solid separation, and relies on attraction of colloidal and particle-sized solids at the air-water interface of the diffuse bubbles. When employed in conjunction with chemical pre-treatment, this technology finds application in many industries.

Reactive Separating Agents utilise a clay-based powder chemical that will remove emulsified oils, heavy metals and suspended solids from an effluent stream through floc formation. This range of chemicals and equipment involves a One Step Treatment Process that breaks emulsions as well as fixes, encapsulates and removes contaminants from the waste water. Being an encapsulation system, floc material recovered from the polished water can, in most cases, be simply disposed of to landfill.

Through the use of these technologies, PPI’s systems are able to cost effectively treat effluent from a wide range of industrial applications ranging from small to very large flow rates. Services including laboratory and on-site test work and trial units are available to ensure the design treatment equipment is optimised for each specific application.


PPI is able to offer our services for the installation of pollution control facilities. Our level of involvement in the installation process can be tailored to meet all needs, including turnkey installations, project management and on-site supervision. Through our distribution agreements, PPI can also supply a wide range of associated products related to pollution control facilities (i.e., pumps, electrical control systems, skimmers etc.).

For more information about waste water pollution control systems please contact us at PPI (Insert contact link)