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PPI Consultancy Services

Due to our involvement in a number of environmental areas, PPI Services can provide a specialist consultancy service for environmental pollution control that is both qualified and practical. This experience comes from the design, planning, servicing and hands-on structure of company.

PPI Services is among very select number of companies that have the capabilities of providing relevant information on environmental pollution control and a variety of water pollution issues. We are in regular contact with governing bodies, and deal with people involved with environmental situations on a daily basis. This gives us the edge on the latest up to date information. In gaining such awareness, PPI Services then pass on specific information to our customers.

In addition to PPI Services’ environmental systems maintenance, we can also assess water pollution control infrastructures. This would include, as an example, assessment of the type of pump required, the correct treatment system to use, the appropriate concrete pad design, bunding and general systems drainage, chemical usage, etc. Structural and civil design can be offered through our associated parties.

PPI Services can assess environmental pollution control practises on-site, for example, existing waste water treatment facilities, spill clean up procedures, washing down vehicles practises, general work procedures along with other factors affecting work practises and the environment and make recommendations to ensure legislative compliance.

PPI Services have the capabilities and resources to assess environmental management systems. Our capabilities can be extended to evaluate procedures, policies and environmental awareness programs, drawings, and documentation. Such documentation may include appropriate legislation, standards, policies and procedures in conjunction with government and our customer’s environmental requirements, operation and maintenance manuals to ensure the ongoing health of the system.

For more information about our consultancy services for environmental pollution control please contact us at PPI Services.

“PPI Services – Experienced in developing effective environmental pollution control systems.”