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For distributors of Mycelx in other States please contact Environmental Waste Services

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PPI Services offers an extensive range of absorbent products.

Over recent years, increasingly stringent environmental legislation has required industry to implement a variety of measures to reduce their environmental impacts. Failure to demonstrate environmental due diligence can not only result in significant fines but also criminal prosecution.

Corporate Environmental Awareness
Amongst large corporations, Environmental Management Systems and ISO 14001 are now commonplace. Environmental management has become more than a corporate policy to recycle waste paper and turn off the office lights. There is growing awareness that implementation of practical environmental solutions can create a sustainable business, increase profit margins and improve shareholder confidence.

Absorbent Products and Spill Containment Systems
Consistent with this increasing awareness is the demand for environmental products and services. Although the market for environmental services is well catered for, environmental products remain more elusive. How many times following an environmental audit have you read a report which makes various recommendations relating to liquids storage and handling, waste management and incident response without offering advice on where to find cost effective and practical solutions? PPI Services Pty Ltd aims to bridge that gap.

Oil Absorbent Product Range

The staff at PPI Services are experienced in environmental consultancy. See the full range of services on offer.

“PPI absorbent products – practical environmental solutions.”