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Absorbent products and environmental pollution control with PPI Services

PPI Services Pty Ltd have been working with companies to resolve their water pollution control problems since 1989. Focusing on industries as diverse as mining, fuel and power generation, we have built strong relationships with organizations such as Xtrata Coal, Emoleum, BP Australia, ADI Ltd, Snowy Hydro and many others.

Experienced and Trained Staff
The experience and training of our personnel in areas of engineering, environmental management and project management allows us the ability to offer comprehensive services in the field of water pollution control and environmental management. With the use of advanced technologies, combined with achievable worksite practices, many organizations have, with PPI Services’ assistance, been able to meet the environmental challenge, setting new benchmarks and standards.

Extensive Absorbent Product Range
It is with this expertise that PPI Services have created their extensive range of absorbent products. Rather than limiting our range to one brand, we have taken the best and compiled an effective spectrum of products that allow us to offer you better solutions to a broader range of environmental difficulties.

The following products are available from PPI Services:

  • Oil spill control and cleanup products
  • Products for both land and water usage
  • Spill containment systems and equipment
  • Spill kits and oil absorbent products

PPI Professional Services
PPI Services absorbent products include products that are disposable to land fill, products that work on land and water, products that have high absorbency rates, products for exclusive use on land, products that can be used to remediate an oil contaminated site, products for oil spill control, and products for total effective clean up.

PPI Services offers organizations the opportunity to work with a single company, yet still access a diverse range of specialist environmental services.

Our organization’s professional services include:

  • Water Pollution Control Facilities
    • Design
    • Supply
    • Installation
  • Specialist Consultancy
    • Pollution Control System Assessment and Monitoring
    • Environmental Consultancy
  • Environmental Systems Maintenance for
    • Oil Absorbent Material
    • Water Pollution Control Facilities
    • On Site Recommendations
    • Training for Systems and Procedures
  • Containment Equipment Supply
  • Absorbent Materials Supply

Contact PPI to find out more about measures you can take in your workplace for improved environmental pollution control.

“Water pollution control and environmental consultancy from PPI Services.”